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  • 2011-04-20 12:00:41  (Views:138)

“Yidaba” traces “The 19th China Int’l Clothing & Accessories Fair”

The 19th China Int’l Clothing & Accessories Fair, jointly organized by China National Garment Association, China World Trade Center Co., Ltd. and the Sub-Council for Textile Industry, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, was held in China International Exhibition Center (new venue), Beijing, in late March 2011. “yidaba.com”, together with its platform customers traced and participated the whole process of this apparel show.
B2C e-commerce has been an investment hotspot over the past few years. The emerging B2C e-commerce is now nibbling at the foothold of conventional brand providers. The “mega flow” of network sales channel has led brand providers to scrambling for it. It is expected that e-commerce of apparel will account for 16% of  the total apparel retail sales in 2011. Under this condition, those well- branded apparels have established their own e-commerce websites while some minor brands have used or are trying to use e-commerce platforms to open up their marketing channels. For the many growing apparel enterprises, it is not so easy to adapt themselves within a short time to an e-commerce context where the market environment keeps changing. Under the circumstances,  e-commerce service platforms are brought to the market.

 “yidaba.com” is the founder of “network business circle” platform application in China. As a network marketing promotion expert, “yidaba” is devoted to boosting e-commerce for growing enterprises in China and providing network application services for them, helping with their promotions and developments. The website has developed its own service system based on the platform of “network business circles”, which includes online and offline “Network Marketing Class” network sales information services, network sales promotion products and enterprise databases. Its network business circle platform, market information is categorized by industries and regions, and it gathers tremendous industrial information which is closely related to enterprises themselves. The website regularly holds off-line community face-to-face talks and organizes customers to participate in highly pertinent professional shows to enable them to  promptly grasp the latest industrial trends.

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