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  • 2010-12-31 19:28:30  (Views:152)

Self-taught examination comprehensive reform pilot projects of the Ministry of Education Test Center brought new development opportunities for Chinese Dadi

As at December 2010, Chinese Dadi has signed cooperative contracts with nine academies for pilot self-taught examination comprehensive reform. With the joint efforts of the state, provincial examination departments, experimental academies and Chinese Dadi, the pilot projects were under stable implementation and development. Seven exams were organized successfully and over 50,000 examinees attended to experimental academies. The outstanding achievements of pilot projects were praised by relevant departments, and the expected results were achieved.


The overall solutions provided by Chinese Dadi such as network evaluation platform, relevant network curriculum and study supporting services have been used in many regions including Jiangxi, Hubei, Fujian and Shaanxi since Comprehensive Course Evaluation (the former Process Examination) has been selected as the experimental unit by the Ministry of Education Test Center in late 2008.


The launch of reform projects have brought many opportunities for Chinese Dadi.
On one hand, the role of Chinese Dadi has changed from a private network course supplier to a supplier of curriculum resources, study supporting service, network technology and remote education platform service. On the other hand, the target group of Chinese Dadi has changed: from solely providing services for examinees to providing distance learning operation services for examinees, academies, examining academies and examination management authorities. The participation of experimental work of Process Examination has provided a historic opportunity of distance education operation and value-added services for self-taught education, and has offered a great development space for Chinese Dadi’s brand building, the rapid accumulation of faithful student group and online sales of other network curriculums.

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