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  • 2011-11-14 15:39:28 Source:China Electronics News  (Views:178)

Chen Mingfei: An Independent E-commerce Platform of the SMEs is Required

The SME Development Plan in the Twelfth Five-year Period (“Development Plan” for short) puts forward the expected objective of the SME informatization application. The R&D, management and production control carried out by applying information technology accounts for no less than 45% and the e-commerce application accounts for no less than 40%. CE Dongli Technology Co., Ltd. (“CE Dongli” for short) is committed to the SME informatization for 12 years. CE Dongli develops from domain name resolution, website construction, supply of the e-commerce platform to the informatization operation, participates and witnesses the process of the SME information technology application. How to promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization by taking the SMEs as the subject? How to improve the development quality of the SMEs by means of the e-commerce platform? The reporter from China Electronics News interviewed business manager of CE Dongli Chen Mingfei on the above topics.


Through many years of accumulation, the SME informatization develops from “surfing the internet” to “e-commerce”. The SMEs are required to have the third party e-commerce platform and the independent e-commerce of “independent domain name, independent operation rights, independent brand and private data” to change the ways, adjust structure and improve the level. According to CE Dongli, the SMEs should carry out the e-commerce mode of “1+N”: “1” refers to the official website and the independent e-commerce platform, “N” refers to the platform of high flow and large customer groups of the third party.


 “Independent” E-commerce


Reporter: According to the statistics, by the end of 2010, the SMEs account for more than 99% of the total amount of enterprises, provide 80% jobs, pay 50% of tax, and own 65% of invention patent. The SMEs that make technological innovation account for more than 75% and the SMEs that develop new products account for over 80%. It is significant for the SMEs to change the ways, adjust structure and improve the level. The information technology application is an important way to promote the development quality of the SMEs. What kind of development stage is the informatization of the SMEs in? What is the development priority?


Chen Mingfei: The original purpose of CE Dongli is to serve the SMEs, help the SMEs with development by using the information technology, and focus on the SME informatization. It is a general and broad concept. On one hand, the scope of informatization is extensive, and the enterprise management and system integration are also included. On the other hand, the mature informatization solutions are not feasible for the SMEs. The SMEs can not afford the technology, input and personnel. Through a great deal of market research, it is planned to implement the SME informatization with e-commerce as the starting point, help the SMEs do business through the internet technology and gradually enter the filed of enterprise management.


The E-commerce Development Stages of the SMEs


The first stage is to build the website, publicize products and display the enterprise. In this stage, the SMEs are not familiar with the Internet. The website is only used for publicity. The daily business is performed through the traditional and off-line mode. With the appearance of search engine and competitive bidding mode, the Internet becomes a very suitable promotion mode for the SMEs. The customers are brought through the promotion on their own websites or other websites, thereby wining the recognition of the SMEs.


 The second stage is to open a shop on the third party e-commerce platform and focus on the domestic demand market. In 2008, eBay entered China and Taobao was mature gradually. Meanwhile, many SMEs changed from the export-oriented economy into the domestic trade. It is required to have their own brand, develop their own channel and reach the high level of the value chain to enter the domestic market. The SMEs can not establish a complete distribution system in a short term, the brand value is low and the profit is small. Taobao mode is used to promote products through the Internet, look for customers by means of the third party e-commerce platform and conduct a transaction, thereby solving the problems of the SMEs. With the constant improvement of the logistics service and the third party payment, the mode is widely applied to the SMEs.


The third stage is the independent brand + the third party platform, i.e. “1+N” mode. The third party platforms of high flow and large customer groups such as Taobao, Paipai, etc. become the channel of the SMEs to look for customers. Some SMEs began to establish their own brand and market, and provide differentiation service, thereby promoting customer loyalty. The e-commerce of the SMEs enters a new stage.


 “1+N” Mode


Reporter: The SMEs cover the primary industry, secondary industry and tertiary industry and are featured by different development quality and levels. The SME informatization market has the chrematistics of “small profit per customer, great revenue in total”. How does CE Dongli solve the contradiction between the diversified demands and the standard products?


Chen Mingfei: The customer group of CE Dongli is the SMEs. According to the practical problems of business development, CE Dongli clarifies the e-commerce logic mode and looks for an accurate starting point of informatization. Zshop is developed to provide e-commerce solutions for the SMEs with the need of online retail. However, it is not suitable for the service-oriented SMEs such as schools, restaurants, hotels, etc. Of course, we will provide service and products for other SMEs.


The struggle between the generality and individuality exists for the provider of operation service. Some individual needs can not be met in consideration of the generality. In the early stage, we have found a method. More than 90% of needs of customer groups can be met through modularization, and the remaining 10% of individual needs can be met through the improvement of technicians.


Reporter: The SMEs face many challenges to promote e-commerce, such as multi-channel, socialization, dynamic data, data integration, etc. How to explain “1+N” mode of Zshop?


Chen Mingfei: The domestic e-commerce has a long fumbling history. Currently, it is important to standardize, arrange and improve. The SMEs of e-commerce are warned due to the frequent disputes: How to use the third party e-commerce platform? How to create their own e-commerce competitiveness?


1+N mode can be used to make full use of the resources on the third party platform and create their own competitiveness. The mode is proved to be successful after the application of many SMEs. “1” refers to the official website and the independent market, “N” refers to the platform of high flow and large customer groups of the third party such as TMall, Paipai, SNS, MicroBlog, search, etc. Some enterprises that are active on TMall and Paipai open a store on TMall, perform marketing, establish their own shopping mall, successfully convert the flow of TMall and Paipai to their own loyalty, and have their own loyal customers. The enterprises are required to have their own base and shopping mall at all times. It is critical to develop the service characteristics and bring characteristic marketing. This is our “1+N”.

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